Can Facebook follow Chicago in bridging the digital divide?

October 3, 2013

imagesCAPPANR5Facebook has initiated a project,, to help get more people worldwide online. According to this article in ReadWrite, Chicago’s Smart Communities objective has already successfully hooked up 30,000 families in two years and may be able to teach the media giant a thing or two.

The increase in computer use was achieved through concentrated education and outreach efforts, specifically to convey to residents how online access would benefit them. Millions in federal stimulus funds bolstered the marketing work. While the article notes that Chicago has many advantages over third world countries, for a project like this to succeed the author points out that organizers need to ask the communities what they want out of technology and also be interested in helping them, not just in turning a profit. Is Facebook trying to help people catch up or could it just be looking for new customers?

Shira S.

Take the Challenge

December 29, 2009

Fans of Facebook, free DVD rentals, and random bits of trivial information be advised: the Age of the EPL Facebook Challenge is upon us. Keep your eyes glued to EPL’s Facebook page, as periodically we’ll be posting a random trivia question to the wall. The first person to submit the correct answer will win a coupon for one free DVD rental at the library. So brush up on your trivia knowledge and be sure to check back often for the next Challenge question. Good luck!

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