Fictitious dishes: memorable meals from classic literature

April 24, 2014

fictitious_dishes_heidiHeidi’s toasted cheese, Du Maurier’s dripping crumpets, the watery gruel that Oliver wanted more of, all foods we really can’t see. We rely on the author’s power of description to help us imagine the feast, or in poor Oliver’s case, the opposite, set before the characters in a book. Until now, that is. With Dinah Fried’s new book, Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals, we need struggle no more. A graphic designer and photographer, Fried chose 50 iconic meals to create the eater’s-eye view tableaux in her new book. She spoke with NPR’s Melissa Block on today’s “All Things Considered” about the inspiration and creation of the book. Listen to the story and view some of the photographs here.

Barbara L.

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