Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies

January 28, 2014

founding mothers 2founding mothersNPR’s Cokie Roberts was interviewed on today’s airing of Morning Edition about the release of the illustrated, children’s version of her 2004 book Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation. The children’s version is subtitled Remembering the Ladies, and is aimed at an audience age 7-12. In the interview Roberts said she felt that most of us know so little about the women who were so involved and proactive during the Revolutionary era because from an early age, we only learn about the “Founding Fathers.” She felt that school-age kids needed a good resource for getting the full picture of the importance of these women, some who fought right alongside our troops or followed the army to provide cooking and laundry services, as well as the wives who ran the households, businesses and farms, like Deborah Read Franklin who kept the presses rolling and  handled the accounts while husband Benjamin was off in England. Listen to the full interview here.

Barbara L.

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