500 elementary school kids aim to set a Guinness record

October 8, 2013

Yesterday’s Chicago Trib featured an article about a group of elementary school students at Henking OtisSchool in Glenview who participated in a state-wide program to have the largest number of people all reading the same book on the same day. For eight years in a row, kids across Illinois have helped maintain a national Guinness Book record for the feat. The event was held last week on October 3rd and it was hosted by Jumpstart for Young Children and the Pearson Foundation. The book they read was Otis by Loren Long about a friendly tractor who helps rescue a calf stuck in a muddy pond. As one youngster answered when asked why she reads for 20 minutes every night before bed, “I just like to,” she said. “I think everyone should read more. It makes you smart.” Here, here, I say! Read the full article.

Barbara L.

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