Where I Come From They Call it an “Atwood”

March 19, 2010

Margaret Atwood is many things: poet, novelist, political activist. She has published countless novels, essays and other non-fiction works, children’s books, and books of poetry. Among her numerous awards and honors, she has won the prestigious Booker Prize (and been nominated for it five times!). She is as highly regarded for her science fiction books like The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake (although she resists the term “science fiction”), as she is for her astute literary criticism. In addition to her literary endeavors, she has been an often outspoken environmentalist, encouraging politicians and citizens to take simple everyday actions to improve the environment. Among her myriad accomplishments, she has even been commissioned to write an opera, which will appear onstage in Vancouver later this year. But all of these things aside, Margaret Atwood is first and foremost, a Canadian. And as we all know, Canadians love hockey. But does Margaret Atwood, esteemed woman of letters, share in her country’s love of the game? You betcha! Not only will Atwood have a (singing!) cameo appearance in the upcoming Olivia Newton-John film Score: A Hockey Musical, but she recently appeared on the Canadian TV show Rick Mercer Report (often described as the Canadian Daily Show) to offer up her tips on hockey goaltending. Click on the clip below to watch. It is absolutely bizarre and completely hilarious. It will make you see the woman behind the words in a whole new light, and will hopefully make your day. As if you didn’t already know it, Margaret Atwood is awesome.


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