"11/22/63" Is Coming 2/15/16

February 11, 2016


You read it, you loved it, you want some more of it!  And now Stephen King fans, you’ve got it.  This Monday, February 15 King’s fantastic alt-history novel 11/22/63 comes to television as an 8-hour miniseries airing on Hulu.  Directed by J.J. Abrams of recent Star Wars fame, the TV adaptation stars multi-hyphenate James Franco as Jake Epping, a lonely high school teacher who travels back in time to stop the assassination of JFK.  Check out this great Rolling Stone article to get the whole scoop on the project and don’t miss the Vice essay that landed Franco the starring role.  You can also whet your appetite with the trailer above.  If you’ve yet to read King’s breathtaking novel, don’t fret and don’t delay.  It’s so good you’ll burn your way through all 850 pages of brilliance by Monday with time to spare.  This wintry weekend should be perfect for some binge-reading.


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