James Patterson Giving $1 Million to Independent Bookstores

February 21, 2014


“We’re in a juncture right now where bookstores as we have known them are at risk. Libraries as we’ve known them are at risk, publishers are at risk, American literature is at risk, as we’ve known it, and getting kids reading is at risk.

The government has stepped in to help banks, automobiles, anything where money is concerned, but nobody seems to care about books and our bookstores. …And I’m telling you, American literature is in jeopardy.”   

– James Patterson

Well said, Mr. Patterson.

Last September, the best-selling author pledged to personally give $1 million to independent bookstores around the country. Yesterday, he announced the first round of 55 stores that would receive over $267,000. More funds will be distributed in stages throughout the year. The grants range from $2,000 – $15,000, with the recipients free to determine their best use. Learn more about Mr. Patterson’s initiative on NPR, The New York Times, and The San Francisco Chronicle.

You can sign up to receive information about his efforts on “Saving Bookstores, Saving Lives” – and tell him about your favorite independent booksellers – at his official website.

~ Olivia

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