John Manos’s Best Reads of 2016

December 7, 2016

John Manos My name is John Manos, and I’ve lived in Evanston since 1976. My mother grew up here (her father was an architect named Joseph Bristle who designed many homes and other buildings in the northwest part of town), and I had relatives who spent their lives here. I’m a self-employed writer and editor. My novel Dialogues of a Crime was included by Kirkus Reviews among their “best books of 2013.” I’ve written other books, a couple of movies that never made it to the theaters, and the documentary The History of the Horse for Luminair Films in Chicago. I am also a professional guitar player and a gardener.



1) The North Water by Ian MacGuire (2016)

This is a very dark book but a tremendous exploration of the true nature of evil. I agreed with the author’s definition – a willingness to follow every impulse that satisfies personal desires, regardless of the consequences for others. The writing is exceptionally good, and the structure is as complex and thoughtfully layered as such great novels as Disgrace by Coetzee.

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