Writers Reading: Justin Cronin

August 18, 2012

Hey Justin Cronin fans have we got a treat for you.  As you’re surely well aware, the highly anticipated follow-up to his heart-stopping epic The Passage hits the streets in a few short weeks, and you’ll soon have all the apocalyptic mayhem you can handle.  Titled The Twelve, this second book in The Passage Trilogy is officially out on October 16th, and to help you down the home stretch, you won’t want to miss Mr. Cronin reading an excerpt below.  With this little appetizer, you’ll certainly be ready for the main course.  Enjoy!


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

January 21, 2012

Tom Cruise is… Jack Reacher?

Hollywood’s decision to cast the diminutive star as Lee Child’s rugged 6’5″ ex-Army hero is fiercely debated in the Wall Street Journal.  Inviting you to vote for your ideal choice, the in-depth story retraces Reacher’s long road to the big screen and peeks behind the scenes of One Shot.

Baby, Let’s Not Fight

SF Signal offers this hilarious, heartfelt letter from genre fiction to literature. A sample quote: “Please, darling, let us stop this. This artificial separation between us is painful, it is undignified, and it fools no one. In company, we sneer at each other and make those cold, cutting remarks. And why?”

The Accursed Poets

The mythology of the poete maudit – or “cursed poet”- is explored in this excellent essay from First Things.  Ravaged by alcoholism, diabetes, arthritis, and syphilis, greats like Baudelaire and Verlaine helped birth the image of the afflicted genius who suffered for the sake of his art.

The Anticipation is Killing Me

The Atlantic presents 15 books to look forward to in 2012 including new titles from Jonathan Safran Foer, Lionel Shriver, Anne Tyler, Nell Freudenberger, Peter Carey, John Irving, Michael Chabon, and Justin Cronin’s follow-up to The Passage.

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