Museums show their stuff!

August 6, 2013

Museums put storage on display

Typically, museums cannot display more than a small fraction of their holdings, but soon that’s going to change. The LA County Museum of Art has decided to take out hundreds, maybe thousands, of items and will simply show more pieces in less space. Some details may not be presented, but at least the materials will be visible. The Broad Museum is planning on building space for this type of area when it opens next year. This may satisfy the curiosity of people like myself, who occasionally wonder what’s not on display!

Not directly connected, but here’s a few books set in museums:

Kate Atkinson, Behind the Scenes at the Museum; Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code; Linda Fairstein, The Bone Vault;  Jane LangtonDead as a Dodo; P.D. James,The Murder Room; Mary Kay Zuravleff, The Bowl is Already Broken; Iain PearsJonathan Argyll series. And for children: Blue Balliet, Chasing Vermeer; E.L. Konigsburg, The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Frankweiler; Marc Brown, Arthur Lost in the Museum. There are numerous others.

Shira S.

Why Adults Read YA Literature

March 18, 2010

Looking for a good book to read? Stop by The Loft of the Evanston Public Library. But those are young adult books, you exclaim!

A recent article in The Los Angeles Times illuminates a variety of reasons why adults are reading young adult literature. Says Skurnick, who also reviews adult fiction for the LA Times and other publications:

YA books are ‘more vibrant’ than many adult titles, ‘with better plots, better characterizations, a more complete creation of a world.’

Add to that the bonus of getting to know the teens in your life and/or community better, or even just to journey along with young adults who question the world around them with a refreshing honesty and intensity. Says Johnson:

There’s something really wonderful about taking the journey with someone of that age. One of the main reasons I’m attracted to YA literature is just the openness of the characters…

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