The “Cat Who” author Lilian Jackson Braun dies at age 97

June 9, 2011

Lilian Jackson Braun, a prolific and popular author of over 25 novels and three short story collections, died last Saturday in South Carolina. As a teenager, Braun contributed sports poetry to the Detroit News, and then wrote advertising copy for many of Detroit’s department stores. From 1966 through 1968, she released the first three “Cat Who” mysteries to critical acclaim. In 1966 the New York Times dubbed her “the new detective of the year.” Despite this grand start to her novel-writing career, Braun disappeared from the publishing scene for 18 years. In 1986, she reappeared and proceeded to produce at least one new “Cat Who” mystery a year through 2007 much to the delight of mystery buffs and cat lovers alike. Read more about this noted author on the Penguin Books website. Read her obituary from the June 7th New York Times. Check our library catalog for a list of all her titles.

Barbara L.

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