Libraries and eBook publishers: a complex and fraught relationship

August 6, 2013

The previous post from Olivia highlights the response one library director gave to his patrons to explain why there were so few eBookereader-and-books 4s available to borrowers. Lynn Neary, of NPR’s Morning Edition, prefaced her report, the second in a series of the state of libraries in the U. S., this way, “E-books have changed the world of publishing in fundamental ways. The business model that encouraged publishers to support the work of public libraries has changed to such an extent that this relationship has been stressed to the point of non cooperation.”

Listen to the full story (pay special note the lively conversation that ensues in the comments section).

Barbara L.

NPR's Lynn Neary interviews Colm Toibin on his new book

November 13, 2012

There are the four Gospels, the extensive histories by Flavius Josephus, numerous other accounts of the life of Jesus in art and literature, but none that tells the story through Mary’s eyes.  On today’s “Morning Edition,”  Lynn Neary spoke with author Colm Toibin (Brooklyn, The Empty Family, The Master) on his new book The Testament of Mary. The story begins twenty years after the Crucifixion. Mary is living in Ephesus, cared for by the disciple John who is trying to elicit her corroboration for the gospel he is writing. But the Mary Toibin imagines is uncooperative. “I was there,” she says when John presses her to speak of the miracle of Jesus’ life and death. Listen to the full interview and read an excerpt of the book.

Barbara L.

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