CPL Closed on Mondays Despite Protests

January 12, 2012

The abruptness of the announcement that Chicago Public Libraries will close all day on Mondays seems to have caught people off guard. As reported in various media, after negotiations were heading toward closing Friday and Monday mornings and laying off close to three hundred staff, the mayor switched to less layoffs and the Monday closures. A dispute between the union and city hall has led to this decline in services.

This article explores the potential impact of the closings on the community. If it is true that the library is the heart of the community, as the article states, then what has Chicago just done to itself?

Shira S.

Mayoral Musings

February 23, 2011

In keeping with the regime change in Chicago yesterday, I am offering some reflections on mayors. A new TV show about Mayor Daley is being prepared with Kelsey Grammer as the lead. “Boss” will start taping this spring in Chicago. Interesting side point-  Rahm’s brother, Ari,  was involved with the deal.

I came across a book about best and worst mayors, The American Mayor: the Best and Worst Big-City Leaders, by UIC professor Melvin Holli, who specializes in Chicago politics.  Written in 1999, it does not include our immediate election, however it is still worth looking at the short first chapter which discusses top candidates in each category.




Finally, I was curious if there were any shows about mayors, and the irrepressible Ed Koch of NY is the subject of an off-Broadway show called Mayor: the Musical. I listened to a couple of samples on Amazon– not bad! Will we see the same for Da Mayor? If a TV show is in the works, who knows?

Shira S.

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