"Modernist Cuisine" Wins Best Cookbook of the Year

May 10, 2012

Several weeks ago (Mar 21) I wrote about the James Beard Foundation nominations for outstanding cookbooks. Despite its huge size and hefty price (43 pounds and $625, or less on Amazon),  “Modernist Cuisine” took top honors this year. The main author, Nathan Myrhvold, is an impressive person for his intellectual abilities and sense of adventure. You don’t see too many French-trained chefs out there who earned PhDs at the age of 23 in theoretical and mathematical physics!

Side note– In the Best Chef category for the Great Lakes area (IL, IN, MI, OH) the winner is Bruce Sherman of North Pond, Chicago. Mindy Segal won Best Pastry chef at her dessert bar Mindy’s HotChocolate, Chicago.

Shira S.

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