Running with Wolves: The story of life with the Sawtooth Pack

Thrilling story of a National Geographic filmmaker who lives with captive wolves for 6 years in order to capture on film the intimate relationships in a wolf pack. The filmmaker and his veterinarian girlfriend and then wife, narrate the story so that you feel that you, too, lived with the wolves, gained their trust and were given access to their lives and ways. (3rd grade through 8th grade)

New Take on Cleopatra by Pulitzer-winning Author

November 18, 2010

Stacy Schiff has written a book delving into the life of Cleopatra in a way that hasn’t been done for a while. Schiff focuses more on the ruler’s character and political skill than the Hollywood version many of us are familiar with. (This view corresponds to a National Geographic article I read recently on Cleopatra that showed a physical reconstruction of her face. The contention of the article was that she won over Marc Antony and Julius Caesar not with her beauty, but with her forceful and charming personality.)

For links to a fascinating major exhibit by National Geographic at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia click here.

Shira S.

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