Microsoft Sues BN over Nook

March 23, 2011

Barnes and Noble may be doing extremely well in sales (see recent post), however, it now has to fend off Microsoft in a lawsuit over possible patent infringements. Bill Gates is famous for his aggressive attitude in marketing his products and defending them, so it’s no surprise that Motorola has also been sued over Android handsets. We’ll see how this shakes out-

Shira S.

Library of America eBooks

December 20, 2010

Library of America, which publishes classic American literature, has announced that it will offer e-books starting in 2011. It will have 30 titles available for the Kindle, the Nook, and the Sony Reader. The list of titles will be available on LOA‘s website in January.

Additionally, LOA will publish Six Novels in Woodcuts by Chicago-born artist Lyn Ward (1905-1985), which are edited by Art Spiegelman. Ward was a pioneer of the graphic novel form and illustrated more than a hundred books. He won a Caldecott Medal for his contribution to children’s literature.

Mary B, Reader’s Services

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