Nora Ephron made me laugh…

June 27, 2012

…and think, and often exclaim with gusto, “Yesss! I know exactly what she means.” The prolific writer-director-producer-screenwriter-journalist died Tuesday at the age of 71.

Her most recent books, I Feel Bad about My Neck (2007) and I Remember Nothing (2010) offered readers Ephron’s plaintive, thoughtful, and droll takes on memory, aging, marriage, and a diverse assortment of expositions on such topics as the joys (and pitfalls) of having a trendy New York restaurant name a meatloaf entrée after you. With films such as You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally to her credit, Ephron set a high bar for modern film romantic comedy ( the “rom-com”).

An extensive New York Times article reviews this talented woman’s life and work. I, for one, will miss her sage yet funny observations on modern life. Check the EPL catalog for a full list of Ephron’s work available through the library.

Barbara L.

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