Radio Intern Interviews Favorite Author Neil Gaiman

July 28, 2011

This sound like a dream job for young (or old) booklovers:  Robin Young offered her summer intern, Alyssa Greenberg, the chance to interview her favorite author, Neil Gaiman. They were discussing his book American Gods, which is 10 years old.  I would say both the author and the student gained from the exchange.

This story reminded me of all the summer students and interns we have who add so much to Evanston Public Library, not to mention the teens who are active in programming. Here’s a nod to all the young people!

PS- Gaiman’s book Neverwhere is the selection for One Book, One Chicago.(Check out his blog.)

Shira S.

One Book, One Chicago Selection Wrapped Up- Literally!

March 4, 2011

This is Mayor Daley’s last year for the One Book, One Chicago program which encourages everyone in the city to share a book. The choice for 2011 is Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, a fantasy set in underground London featuring talking rats. ( I always think it’s a sign a of a great author if he/she can set up a peculiar theme and pull it off!)  Anyway, care is taken not to reveal the title too soon… who knew such intrigue was needed with a book club selection?

“Dempsey had a copy sent to him in a plain, brown wrapper, to avoid tipping off anybody about the selection.”

Shira S.

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