Penguin to provide e-books to New York libraries for one year

June 23, 2012

Until last week, Penguin was one of four major publishers that would not allow libraries to lend their e-books. Soon, however, Penguin Group and e-book distributor 3M will participate in a one-year pilot program with the New York and Brooklyn Public Libraries, two of the country’s largest library systems, to provide e-books to patrons. Penguin will make all (approximately 15,000) of their e-books available to library patrons six months after they go on sale. The library e-books will expire after one year.

You can learn more about the pilot program here.

– Olivia M.

Penguin Announces Break with Overdrive

February 11, 2012

Penguin just announced that they are suspending deals with Overdrive. As of Feb. 10 they will not lend their audio books or e-books to libraries. Their affiliation with Amazon probably has something to do with this new wrinkle in the e-book business. According to the publisher “Physical editions of Penguin’s new and backlist titles will continue to be available in libraries everywhere.”

 Shira S.

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