Jeremy Elsberg's Best Reads of 2014

December 30, 2014

spoonerMy name is Jeremy Elsberg, and I’ve lived and worked in Evanston for the past couple years.  I work as a remodeler and handyman mostly in Evanston as About Space Remodeling & Construction.  I have no more hobbies; I have 2 kids under 4.




1) Spooner by Pete Dexter (2009)

Throughout the book, I was drawn into the events that the main character (Spooner) experienced, constantly wondering if they really happened the way he explained it (I believe its somewhat of a memoir) but also wondering how he ended up getting handed the plate he did.  I found myself wanting to read on probably because of the same reason there are gapers’ blocks on the Edens but also because, through it all, Spooner comes out not only alive but maybe even a little more resilient.

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