Becoming Emily: The Life of Emily Dickinson by Krystyna Poray Goddu

Introducing Emily Dickinson to middle grade readers using Emily’s own words from letters and poems, this book focuses on her early years and friendships, but also includes the rest of her life. Ms. Goddu shares the cultural context of Emily’s time, but, as a reader, you also feel you know Ms. Dickinson well by the end. I love the author’s restraint — no made up dialogue, no theorizing about mysteries, just presenting what we can know of Emily from her letters as clearly and deeply as she can. Biography beautifully done, for middle grade readers and adults interested in a personal introduction to Emily.

National Book Award 2015 Nominees: Poetry

September 15, 2015

Day Two of the ever-so-slowly released National Book Award nominee longlists.  Poetry got real play today with titles well known and appreciated, titles forthcoming and appealing, and titles obscure and alluring.  How many have you read?  Here are the books.  Be sure to follow the links to reserve them in the EPL system: Continue reading “National Book Award 2015 Nominees: Poetry”

Poet Robert Hass Wins $100,000 Prize

August 29, 2014

26artsbeat-hass-articleInlineFormer poet laureate of the U.S. Robert Hass won the $100,000 Wallace Stevens Award. The prize given for “outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry” was awarded by the Academy of American Poets on Tuesday. Mr. Hass won a National Book Award in 2007 and a Pulitzer Prize in 2008. He will be honored along with six other recipients at a ceremony on October 17. You can read two of his poems here and see more about the award and other winners in this NYT article.


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