Macmillan offering libraries entire backlist: 11,000 e-books

October 22, 2013

e-bookMacmillan has agreed to accommodate libraries by offering its backlist of over 11,000 e-book titles. Materials will be accessed through 3M, Overdrive, Baker and Taylor, and Recorded Books. Other publishers are moving in a similar direction as part of their ongoing evaluation of the digital business. Pricing will stay the same for now at 2 years or 52 lends for $25 per e-book.

Shira S.

Best of the Year Lists

November 22, 2009

It’s that time of the year again when the Best of the Year lists covering  a motley array of topics are sprinkled throughout the web. Publishers Weekly created quite a stir when its top ten books of the year list was released with an absence of female authors. In response, Women in Letter and Literary Arts created the WILLA list wiki to highlight some favorite books authored by women and published in 2009. What are your favorite books of the year?

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