Friday After Hours Movies

March 31, 2011

 So, Oscar time has come and gone, and once again you’ve missed seeing any of the nominated movies. What now? Hope that it’ll be at the local video store when you find time to go there? Wait your turn on a library reserve list that has 200 people ahead of you? Fear not. Evanston Public Library will be showing some Oscar nominated movies in special after hours screenings on select Fridays in April, May and June. The price is right for everyone’s budget because admission is free. Refreshments will be supplied courtesy of Whole Foods.

And the movies are…..

The Social Network (2010,  121 min, PG-13), which was nominated for seven Oscars, will be shown on Friday, April 29 at 6 pm. It tells how Facebook got its start in 2003 when Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sat down at his computer and feverishly began working on a new idea. In a flurry of blogging and programming, what began in his dorm room soon became a global social network and a revolution in communication, and made Zuckerberg a billionaire.



True Grit (1969, 127 min, G) will be shown on Friday, May 27, at 6 pm. U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne, in an Oscar winning performance) helps a headstrong young girl (Kim Darby) find the man who murdered her father and fled with the family savings into Indian territory. When Rooster’s employer insists on accompanying the old gunfighter, sparks fly. The situation goes from troubled to disastrous when an inexperienced Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) joins the party.


True Grit (2010, 128 min., PG-13) This Coen brothers’ remake of the classic John Wayne movie will be shown on Friday, June 24,  at 6 pm and tells the story from the perspective of 14-year-old Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld), who joins U.S. marshal Rooste Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) and another lawman (Matt Damon) in tracking her father’s killer into Indian territory. This version sticks more closely to Charles Portis’s novel than the 1969 adaptation.

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