The Elusive Promise of Democracy in India and Sri Lanka

February 19, 2016

modi mask
Supporters at a 2014 political rally for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Coming off one of the world’s most destructive civil wars, Sri Lanka is making a big change in its political landscape as a result of the 2015 election.  However, is it democracy in the making?  India’s fast growing economy has run into the wall of its own shortcomings. Can the Modi administration deliver on its promises, or is the “shining India” more mirage than reality?  On Saturday, February 20th at 3 pm, Derek Monroe – a reporter on international and U.S. foreign policy issues and a columnist at – visits EPL to discuss his impressions after his recent visits to both countries.  In anticipation of his visit, we spoke with Mr. Monroe via email about the echoes of civil war in Sri Lanka, building tension in India and Pakistan, and continuing conflict in Kashmir.

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