The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline

Frenchie is on the run.  Frenchie is one of the few Indigenous people of North America left and he is being hunted.   Civilization has been devastated by war, climate change and disease.   All but the Indigenous people have lost their ability to dream and because of that people have been slowly losing their minds.  People are desperate to find a cure and have turned to rounding up Indigenous people; testing them, torturing them and collecting their marrow in hope of a cure.   Frenchie and his small crew are heading north hoping to escape the recruiters, but with desperate people at every turn death is always lurking around the corner.

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

In another world where there are witches of all kinds; Tea finds that she is a rare bone witch, a witch that can raise creatures good and bad from the dead.  Tea is confronted with what she is, when she accidentally raises her brother from the dead.  Now her and her brother must head to an unfamiliar city, so Tea can train with another bone witch.  As Tea trains her skills grow quickly and the whole city become curious about her and her powers.  Tea realizes there’s a fine line between good and evil that her powers allow her to tread, but there forces out there wanting to pull her into the darkness.

Book Trailer of the Week

January 15, 2011

Our latest Book Trailer of the Week is for Dan Chaon’s pulse-pounding novel Await Your Reply.  A fixture on many 2009 best book lists, this haunting tale explores the dangers of reinventing yourself as it traces the oddly interlocking lives of three disparate characters: an 18-year-old orphan who runs away with her high school teacher, a college dropout running identity-theft scams for his birth father, and a 30-something twin searching for his missing brother.  Elegant and chilling, Await Your Reply is the perfect read while you await Chaon’s upcoming short story collection Stay Awake.  And now… roll film.


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