You can bet on it–Mario Vargas Llosa wins Nobel Prize for literature

October 7, 2010

Peruvian author and political activist Mario Vargas Llosa has been chosen as the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in literature. This NPR Morning Edition report by Lynn Neary and Renee Montagne profiles the author, his life and his work.

Following the  main story, NPR re-ran a short feature by Neary (original air date Oct. 11, 2007) where she tells listeners about the fast and furious action at the London betting firm on who will win the prize for literature. I doubt the Nobel Committee approves of this sort of wagering , but it just might appeal to those gamblers with a more literary bent. It’s too late for this year, but now you’ll know where to place your bets for the 2011 candidate.

Barbara L. (Reader’s Services)

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