Local Art @ EPL

May 16, 2017

Local Art @ EPLWe are thrilled to announce a special treat for our ongoing exhibition series Local Art @ EPL. Throughout May, we’re proudly showcasing the work of eleven talented artists from the Presbyterian Homes at Westminster Place in Evanston. The featured artists include Alvin Beatty, Carole Bergstraesser, Robert Buchanan, Gordon Guth, Jane LaRue, Marjorie McMonagle, Allen Oden, Barbara Plochman, Moira Putnam, Elizabeth Stegner, and Jacqueline Willrich. You can catch their impressive collaborative exhibition on the 2nd floor of EPL’s Main Library where you’ll find proof that at Westminster Place “there is no such thing as being retired” and that “all forms of creativity are constantly growing.”

(Pictured: “4 a.m. Ready to Go” by Barbara Plochman)

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