On Being a Book Cougar

August 13, 2010

Over a decade ago, Harry Potter blazed a trail for adults to publicly read children’s books – at least without too much shame.  Even though there’s less of a stigma for this sort of thing, I must admit I’m still a bit embarrassed to read Kid Lit on my commute.  On the bus today, I tried to discreetly read Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire, hoping no one would notice the unmistakeable red, shiny cover – a cover that screams “I’m too old for this book.”   Although I certainly enjoy books my own age, the fact of the matter is I’m a book cougar.  There’s nothing better than devouring Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games, all of which I’ve read multiple times.  What’s the appeal, you ask?  Perhaps the answer lies in a recent New York Times article, “The Kids’ Books Are All Right.”  The author contends that we adults read them because they’re fresh, engaging, and quick – a break from the ever-present worries of adulthood.  Good, clean fun.  In a few more years, maybe I’ll be a little less ashamed of my cougar ways now that others have also admitted their love of kids’ books.  In the meantime, I’m just dying to know what happens to Katniss Everdeen.

Karen H., Reader’s Services

Image from New York Times.

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