Today is…

April 12, 2011

…the anniversary of many events. Among the many noteworthy happenings on April 12th in history are:

  • The world’s first manned space mission. Russian Yuri Gagarin made a 108-minute orbital flight of the planet in 1961.
  • The space shuttle Columbia made her first flight in 1981.
  • The first shots of the Civil War were fired on Ft. Sumter in 1861.
  • President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1945.

To find out more of what went on on this date in history, ask a librarian. Which prompts me to mention that today is also National Library Workers Day. So, if you visit the library today (we hope you do), give a nod to the staffer who helps you find that novel, looks up that statistic, reads a story to your toddler, and checks out your books.

Barbara L.

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