The BiblioTech

September 14, 2013

bibliotech-logoStarting today, the BiblioTech will serve all residents of Bexar County, Texas. What makes this $2.4 million library system unique is that it is the nation’s first digital public library, offering an estimated 10,000 titles (provided by 3M Cloud Library) through e-readers. Patrons will also be able to utilize hundreds of e-readers and pre-loaded enhanced e-readers for children, as well as computer stations, laptops and tablets to use on-site.  Additional e-reading accommodations will be made for the visually impaired. Envisioned by County Judge Nelson Wolff, the Bibliotech is based in a predominately Hispanic, low-income neighborhood on the South Side of San Antonio, Texas, where 75 percent do not have Internet access. You can read more about this new, bookless library here and here.



Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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