The Divergent trilogy author, Veronica Roth, profiled here

October 22, 2013

Today’s Chicago Trib had a long and generous article about local author Veronica Roth. She’s a 25-year old phedivergent-veronica-roth-allegiant-new-york-magazine-interviewnom who’s hot, hot, hot with the YA crowd who latched onto her debut novel, Divergent, the first of a trilogy set in Chicago which depicts  a disturbing, dystopic future society. Roth grew up in Barrington, attended NU, and currently resides in Chicago. She’s feeling pleased but anxious with all the media attention, the press of adoring fans at all her bookstore appearances, and the expected surge in popularity the release of the Divergent movie will bring. The second book, Insurgent, was released in 2012, and third book, Allegiant, will be released in five days.  Roth spent the day recently at a HarperCollins warehouse in Aurora signing over 3,000 copies of the new book in preparation for the release parties and sales events coming up next week.

Barbara L.


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