An Interview with Lorna Galich

August 24, 2015

Dragon%202011Lorna Galich is a retired corporate consultant and the next Evanston artist to be featured in our ongoing exhibition series Local Art @ EPL.  Her show – which is dedicated to the memory of her daughter and EPL librarian Gigi Galich – is currently on display on the 2nd floor of EPL’s Main Library where you can catch it through August 31st.  Featuring stunning watercolors, colored pencil drawings, and multi-layered portrayals of animals, her exhibit conveys her fascination with “all things natural, most particularly wild life.”  We recently spoke with Ms. Galich via email about her artistic origins, unique style, and future plans.

Evanston Public Library:  Can you tell us a little about your background as an artist? How did you get started in art? Was there something specific in your life that sparked a need to create?

Lorna Galich:  My interest in art began at a very young age while watching my artist father and many of his artist friends paint and draw.  After some years I actually got to join them.  I studied fine art at the Colorado Springs Art Center, the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and the National Louis University in Evanston.  I have two undergraduate degrees, one in elementary education and one in art education.  I also have a graduate degree in Human Resources Development and Management.

I worked in several art studios in Chicago, among them the Stan Lee Studio and the renowned Stevens-Gross Studio.  Earl Gross, one of the partners in the Stevens-Gross Studio, was a member of the Watercolor Society of America and a nationally-renowned water colorist.  He was my mentor at the beginning of my career.

I taught in the Evanston school system for several years before moving to the business world as an Organization Development Consultant.  After spending 25 years in the corporate world, I retired and returned to my first love, art and creativity.  I met my husband (also an artist and graphic designer) at the Art Institute.

Squirrell%20&%20Meerkat%202011EPL:  How do you describe your art? Do you see yourself as fitting in with any particular artistic movements or styles?

LG:  Much of my art is inspired by my dreams and love of animals.  The paintings with acetate overlays are meant to replicate the mysteries of the dream world.  I don’t think you can categorize my art as any particular style or movement.  I just love to experiment and try new and different approaches to my creative endeavors.

EPL:  Can you give us a window into your creative process? When and where do you work? 

LG:  I currently work in my own studio in my house and study with Professor Alain Gavin in his studio.  I have also studied with Peggy Macnamera who teaches at the North Shore Art League and who is the resident artist at the Field Museum.  Both of these teachers are extremely talented and active in the art world.

EPL:  What are your future goals and plans as an artist?

LG:  I plan to keep on studying and painting until I can no longer hold a brush or pencil.  I love what I do and art gives my life meaning and pleasure.

EPL:  How do you find Evanston and the Chicagoland area as a place to work and exhibit as an artist? What inspires you as an artist about the community where you live?

LG:  I have lived and worked in the Chicago area all of my life and find the environment here has everything an aspiring artist could ask for.

Interview by Russell J.


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