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Examples of recent LitMatches:

LitMatch for Sharon H (Adult): Sharon requested Beach read/light fiction, Historical Fiction and Literary Fiction, as well as Humorous Nonfiction. Books Sharon enjoyed include Maybe You Should Talk to Somebody and Salt to the Sea. Here are a few of our recommendations:

Why we picked Save Me the Plums for Sharon H:  Similar to the book Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, we think this memoir is very funny. It also offers a bit of history (albeit recent history about food, restaurants, and magazines) and expresses an understanding of common human struggles, which we thought you would enjoy.  Book   |   eBook  |  eAudiobook

Why we picked The Rosie Project for Sharon H:  Sharon was interested in “beach read/light fiction” and also liked books with a sense of humor, and this fit the bill.  This is light and funny, while still being intelligent.  Book  |  eBook  | eAudiobook


Why we picked A Fine Balance for Sharon H: Similar to Salt to the Sea, this historical novel is fascinating and heart-wrenching. Mistry creates such a real sense of place in this sweeping and intelligent historical novel, while also beautifully conveying the resilience of the human spirit.  Book  |  eBook  |  eAudiobook




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