Long Nights: Celebrating Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice usually takes place on or around December 21st every year in the Northern Hemisphere. Though it has ancient roots, many cultures around the world celebrate the solstice to this day! Suggested ages are from the publisher or each item’s library catalog record.

Andrea Tsurumi Recommends! Choice Books from an Amazing Artist/Upcoming Virtual Guest

Book List , Kids

The amazing Andrea Tsurumi has written and illustrated such great books as Accident, Crab Cake, and the Elephant & Piggy Like Reading title I’m on It!. She will be virtually visiting the library with author Jarrett Dapier to promote the hilarious Mr. Watson’s Chickens on Sunday, November 7. Here are some books that Andrea absolutely loves!! You can register for the event by cutting and pasting this url: https://evanston.libnet.info/event/5365272, Enjoy!!!

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