‘From Picking to Sipping’ Coffee and Tea Booklist

Book List , Kids

Whether your young ones enjoy sipping imaginary tea and coffee or you make time for the real stuff, two things are ideally at the center of these experiences- slowing down to appreciate the moment, and sharing a cup with friends (old or new) and family. Through these stories you will also see the changes tea leaves and coffee beans can inspire- from discovery to saving someone’s life to activism, building peace and broadening our perspective.

“Look here at our coffee. Inside each fruit are two beans. They don’t like to live alone. We follow the example of coffee.” – J.J. Keki

Shhhh! These Kid’s Books Have Been Banned (or Challenged)

Book List , Kids

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – even kids books get challenged, too. This is why every year, the American Library Association hosts a week-long event to celebrate the freedom to read and promotes all the books that have been challenged over the years. It serves as a way to both bring the book community together and highlight the current and historical impact of censorship within schools and libraries. The books featured during Banned Books Week have all been targeted and challenged for removal in libraries and schools and this event works to showcase how harmful those efforts are. While many books have and continue to be banned, this week is celebration of the fact that many do, in fact, still remain on the shelves – including the books on this list.

For more information on Banned Books Week and the fight for intellectual freedom, please visit: bannedbookweek.org

Virtual Author Visits: Books by Cozbi A. Cabrera, Andrea Tsurumi and Jarrett Dapier, and Zetta Elliott

Book List , Kids

We have several exciting virtual author visits coming up! Please check out some books by Cozbi A. Cabrera (Sunday, October 24 at 3pm. Please note that the Cozbi A. Cabrera event is at full capacity.), Andrea Tsurumi and Jarrett Dapier (Sunday, November 7 at 4pm), and Zetta Elliott (Saturday, December 11 at 4pm). Suggested ages for individual books are from the publisher.

The Cozbi A. Cabrera event is currently at full capacity. Thank you.

Register for a Virtual Author Visit with Andrea Tsurimi and Jarrett Dapier:

Register for a Virtual Author Visit with Zetta Elliott:

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