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"Pick 3" Booklist

Milk Street Noodles

Title: Milk Street Noodles
By: Christopher Kimball
Published: 2023

If you're a noodle lover and enjoy making your own at home, this is the book for you. With 125 recipes from all around the world, your choice is limitless. You might even encounter some you never even heard of before (or finally learn the dfiference between gnocchi and spaetzle).

Let's Make Ramen! : a Comic Book Cookbook

Title: Let's Make Ramen! : a Comic Book Cookbook
By: Hugh Amano
Published: 2019

This is such a fun cookbook! You will learn about how to make many different kinds of ramen, its history and the etiquette of comsumption (yes, there is etiqutte on how one eats, or slurps, their ramen), all in colorful, charismatic, and easy-to-read graphic novel format.

Pok Pok Noodles : Recipes From Thailand and Beyond

Title: Pok Pok Noodles : Recipes From Thailand and Beyond
By: Andy Ricker
Published: 2019

"Pok Pok" is a sound many Thai people have heard since they were young; it signals the arrival of their favorite mobile noodle stall. Though now they are rare, the recipes that once thrived with them are not lost. You may be familair with pad thai and pad see ew, but the Thai noodle scene goes a lot further than that. Discover many lesser known Thai noodles--and beyond--with this tasty cookbook! (Phat mii khorat, on page 133, is highly recommended!)

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