Celebrate Purim with Queen Esther

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Esther's Story

Title: Esther's Story
By: Diane Wolkstein sp
Published: 1996

Esther, a shy orphan Jewish girl who is chosen to become the queen of Persia, risks the wrath of the king to save her people from destruction, and her courage and wisdom are now celebrated in the Jewish feast of Purim. Age Range: 6-10 years

Call Number: x222 Wolks.D

The Story of Esther: A Purim Tale

Title: The Story of Esther: A Purim Tale
By: Eric A. Kimmel
Published: 2011

Retells the biblical story of how Esther, a Jewish woman, became queen of Persia and convinced the king to change the law persecuting Jews. Age Range: 4 - 8 years

Call Number: x222 Kimme.E

Queen Esther, The Morning Star

Title: Queen Esther, The Morning Star
By: Mordacai Gerstein
Published: 2000

Out of all the young women of Persia, Esther shines like a star. King Ahasuerus decides that she will be his new queen. Esther's cousin Mordecai warns her never to reveal that she is a Jew...With lively storytelling and intricate illustrations that recall ancient Persia, Mordicai Gerstein breathes new life into this dramatic tale about remaining true to oneself and to God. It Is sure to be enjoyed on Purim and all year round. Age Range: 5-8 years

Call Number: x222 Gerst.M

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