Celebrating Soup Month! Best Books for Folks that LOVE Soup!


The Whole World Inside Nan's Soup

Title: The Whole World Inside Nan's Soup
By: Hunter Liguore
Published: 2021

There's something special bubbling in Nanni's big metal pot. And it smells delicious! What ingredients might be inside? When Nanni lifts the lid on her soup, she reveals the whole world inside: from the seeds that grew into vegetables, to the gardeners who lovingly tended to the plants, to the sun, moon, and stars that shone its light above them. And, of course, no meal is complete without a recipe passed down generations of family, topped and finished with Nanni's love

JPicture Liguo.H

Ages: 4-8 years

Pumpkin Soup

Title: Pumpkin Soup
By: Helen Cooper
Published: 1999

The Cat and the Squirrel come to blows with the Duck in arguing about who will perform what duty in preparing their pumpkin soup, and they almost lose the Duck's friendship when he decides to leave them.

JPicture Coope.H

Ages: 4-8 years

 Néstor Tellini

Title: Néstor Tellini
By: Patricia Geis
Published: 2003

Néstor starts working in a fancy restaurant, and he and his fellow employees oversalt the soup.

Spanish JPicture Geis.P (in our Children's World Languages section)

Ages: 3-5 years

Mr. Putter and Tabby Stir the Soup

Title: Mr. Putter and Tabby Stir the Soup
By: Cynthia Rylant
Published: 2003

Mr. Putter and Tabby go to their neighbor's house to make soup, but Zeke the dog makes it very difficult for them.

JEasy Rylan.C

Ages: 5-9 years

Soup Day

Title: Soup Day
By: Melissa Iwai
Published: 2010

A mother and daughter spend a snowy day together buying and preparing vegetables, assembling ingredients, and playing while their big pot of soup bubbles on the stove. (This book includes a recipe for "Snowy Day Vegetable Soup")

JPicture Iwai.M

Ages: 2-5

Duck Soup

Title: Duck Soup
By: Jackie Urbanovic
Published: 2008

Maxwell Duck is trying to invent a soup that everyone will remember him for, but when he goes out to look for the missing ingredient and his friends show up, they think he has fallen into the soup.

JPicture Urban.J (Also available as a Board book)

Ages: 4-8 years

祖母的星期六湯 = Grandma's Saturday soup / Zu mu de xing qi liu tang = Grandma's Saturday soup

Title: 祖母的星期六湯 = Grandma's Saturday soup / Zu mu de xing qi liu tang = Grandma's Saturday soup
By: Sally Fraser
Published: 2005

Mimi misses her grandma. Every day something reminds of her of grandma's special Saturday soup and the tales of Jamaica her grandmother tells.

Chinese JPicture Frase.S (in our Children's World Language Section)
Also available in Arabic under "Arabic JPicture Frase.S"

Ages: 3-8 years

Bone soup: A Spooky, Tasty Tale

Title: Bone soup: A Spooky, Tasty Tale
By: Alyssa Capucilli
Published: 2018

In this version of the classic tale, Stone soup, three witches are looking for a tasty treat on Halloween morning and they find only a small bone in their cupboard. So they decide to go from door to door in their village to find just the right ingredients for their bone soup.

JPicture Capuc.A

Ages: 4-8 years

Sopa de frijoles : un poema para cocinar = Bean soup : a cooking poem

Title: Sopa de frijoles : un poema para cocinar = Bean soup : a cooking poem
By: Jorge Arguenta
Published: 2009

A recipe, in poem form, for young and old to prepare a pot of tummy-filling bean soup.

Spanish x861 Argue.J (in our Children's World Languages section)

Ages: 4-7 years

Dumpling Soup

Title: Dumpling Soup
By: Jama Kim Rattigan
Published: 1993

A young Hawaiian girl tries to make dumplings for her family's New Year's celebration.

JPicture Ratti.J

Ages: 4-8 years

Growing Vegetable Soup

Title: Growing Vegetable Soup
By: Lois Ehlert
Published: 1987

A father and child grow vegetables and then make them into a soup.

JPicture Ehler.L

Ages: 3-8 years

Pinch and Dash Make Soup

Title: Pinch and Dash Make Soup
By: Michael Daley
Published: 2012

Pinch and Dash's disagreement over the use of pepper and hot sauce in their soup ends up spoiling the meal.

JEasy Daley.M

Ages: 3-8 years

Gazpacho for Nacho

Title: Gazpacho for Nacho
By: Tracey Kyle
Published: 2014

Nacho won't eat anything but gazpacho soup until his mother takes him to the supermarket and he sees the many piles of different vegetables there.

JPicture Kyle.T

Ages: 5-9 years

妈妈买绿豆 / Let's get mung beans, Momma!

Title: 妈妈买绿豆 / Let's get mung beans, Momma!
By: 曾阳晴, 1962- / Zeng, Yangqing
Published: 2010

A boy goes to buy mung bean with mom. After they get home, mom makes mung bean soup, and the boy likes it very much.

Chinese JPicture Zeng.Y (in our Children's World Languages section)

Ages: 1-6 years

Thank You Omu!

Title: Thank You Omu!
By: Oge Mora
Published: 2018

When the aroma of Omu's homemade stew fills the air, her neighbors arrive, one by one, for a taste until all is gone except for her generous spirit.

JPicture Mora.O

Ages: 4-8 years

Kallaloo!: A Caribbean Tale

Title: Kallaloo!: A Caribbean Tale
By: David Gershator
Published: 2008

In this retelling of "Stone Soup" set in the West Indies, an old woman claims to have found a magic shell that can make kallaloo, a popular Caribbean soup.

x398.6 Westind Gersh.D

Ages: 4-8 years

Carrot Soup

Title: Carrot Soup
By: John Segal
Published: 2006

After working hard on his garden all spring and summer, Rabbit looks forward to harvest time when he can make soup, but every carrot disappears and Rabbit must find out who has taken them. (Includes a recipe for carrot soup.)

JPicture Segal.J

Ages: 3-8 years

Matzo Frogs

Title: Matzo Frogs
By: Sally Rosenthal
Published: 2014

As an act of kindness, or mitzva, six Jewish frogs secretly prepare a delicious pot of matzo ball soup for Minnie Feinsilver's Shabbat dinner. (Includes recipe for Matzo Ball soup!)

JPicture Rosen.S

Ages: 5-9 ages

Community Soup

Title: Community Soup
By: Alma Fullerton
Published: 2013

What do you get when you combine young gardeners, their tasty vegetables and a herd of mischievous goats--a recipe for disaster or a bowl of delicious soup? (Includes a recipe for Pumpkin Vegetable soup!)

JPicture Fulle.A

Ages: 4-8 years

Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup

Title: Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup
By: Pamela Mayer
Published: 2016

Two grandmas. Two delicious recipes. Sophie loves Bubbe's Jewish chicken soup, made with kreplach. She also loves Nai Nai's Chinese chicken soup, with wonton. But don't tell Bubbe and Nai Nai that their soups are the same! (Includes recipes for Bubbe's Kreplach, Nai Nai's Wonton Soup and a bonus recipe!)

JPicture Mayer.P

Ages: 4-9 years

Surprise Soup

Title: Surprise Soup
By: Mary Ann Rodman
Published: 2009

When Kevie's mother has a baby, Kevie, his older brother, and their father make soup for when the new baby comes home.

JPicture Rodma.M

Ages: 3-8 years

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