Into The Dark: Conquer Fear of the Dark With These Titles!

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Batman's Dark Secret

Title: Batman's Dark Secret
By: Kelley Puckett
Published: 2016

Can you imagine if Batman had never conquered his fear of the dark?!

The Dark

Title: The Dark
By: Lemony Snicket
Published: 2013

Laszlo is afraid of the dark. The dark is not afraid of Laszlo. One night, it pays him a visit.

The Darkest Dark

Title: The Darkest Dark
By: Chris Hadfield
Published: 2016

Chris likes to pretend to be an astronaut, but how can you explore the dark reaches of the universe when you're afraid of the dark?

Floop In The Dark

Title: Floop In The Dark
By: Carole Tremblay
Published: 2010

Floop is awakened by a strange noise in his bedroom. When he finally works up the courage to turn on the light, he finds a surprising visitor.

George in the Dark

Title: George in the Dark
By: Madeline Valentine
Published: 2014

A little boy overcomes his fear of the dark during a daring teddy bear rescue.

Go To Sleep, Monster!

Title: Go To Sleep, Monster!
By: Kevin Cornell
Published: 2016

What if the monsters under the bed are just as afraid of you?

The House In The Night

Title: The House In The Night
By: Susan Marie Swanson
Published: 2008

Simple verse, gentle illustrations and familiar objects to create comfort and lull you to sleep.

The Monster Who Ate Darkness

Title: The Monster Who Ate Darkness
By: Joyce Dunbar
Published: 2008

Is the solution to a fear of the dark no more darkness? The monster under Jo-Jo's bed has an insatiable hunger for eating darkness - until there is no more left in the world.

The Moon Inside

Title: The Moon Inside
By: Sandra Feder
Published: 2016

Ella loves the yellow sun, but is afraid when it gets dark. That is until her mother encourages her to look at night time and the moon in a different way.

The Night Box

Title: The Night Box
By: Louise Greig
Published: 2018

What happens to the dark between sunrise and sunset?

The Night World

Title: The Night World
By: Mordicai Gerstein
Published: 2015

As the world sleeps, a cat and her boy explore the nocturnal world!

Small Blue and The Deep Dark Night

Title: Small Blue and The Deep Dark Night
By: Jon Davis
Published: 2014

Bad thing might be hiding in the dark, but good things can be found there, too!

Tiger vs. Nightmare

Title: Tiger vs. Nightmare
By: Emily Tetri
Published: 2018

Tiger and the Monster under her bed are good friends and work together to scare nightmares away.

What's Under The Bed?

Title: What's Under The Bed?
By: Joe Fenton
Published: 2008

Fred is so worried about what could be under his bed that he can't sleep! When he gathers his courage to look, he sees it's just his favorite teddy bear.

I Want My Light On!

Title: I Want My Light On!
By: Tony Ross
Published: 2010

The Little Princess is afraid of turning off the lights - there may be ghosts!

No Such Thing

Title: No Such Thing
By: Jackie French Koller
Published: 1997

A boy afraid of monsters under his bed is told there is no such thing; a monster afraid of a boy above his bed is told there is no such thing.

Switch on the Night

Title: Switch on the Night
By: Ray Bradbury
Published: 1993

A boy afraid of the dark learns from a new friend that to switch off the light is to switch on the night - and things like the moon and crickets come alive.

Who's There?

Title: Who's There?
By: Carole Lexa Schaefer
Published: 2011

A little bunny is frightened by bumps in the night and can't sleep.

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