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Love Makes a Family

Title: Love Makes a Family
By: Sophie Beer
Published: 2018

Whether you have one parent, two moms, two dads, a mom and a dad, or another wonderful caregiver, there's one thing that makes a family a family ... and that's love.

Ages: 9 months - 3 years


Bathe the Cat

Title: Bathe the Cat
By: Alice McGinty
Published: 2021

Dad has posted a list of chores for the family to do before grandma comes, including bathing the cat; but the cat does not want a bath, so she mixes up the instructions, and soon the family is mowing the floor, vacuuming the lawn, mopping the baby--and the house is in chaos.

Ages: 3-5 years

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An ABC of families

Title: An ABC of families
By: Abbey Williams
Published: 2021

An ABC of Families present big concepts to the youngest of children, and celebrates all kinds of families, no matter what they look like. This is an introduction to families big and small, in all shapes and sizes, for everyone.

Ages: 3-6 years

x306.85 Willi.A

Stella Brings the Family

Title: Stella Brings the Family
By: Miriam Schiffer
Published: 2015

Stella brings her two fathers to school to celebrate Mother's Day.

Ages: 5-8 years

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The White Swan Express: A story about adoption

Title: The White Swan Express: A story about adoption
By: Jean Davies Okimoto
Published: 2002

Across North America, people in four different homes prepare for a special trip to China, while four baby girls in China await their new adoptive parents.

JPicture Okimo.J

My Maddy

Title: My Maddy
By: Gayle Pitman
Published: 2020

A child celebrates her Maddy, who is neither mommy nor daddy but a little bit of both, like so many things in nature. Includes note to parents.

Ages: 4-8 years

JPicture Pitma.G

My Footprints

Title: My Footprints
By: Bao Phi
Published: 2019

Upon realing from the harsh words of bullies, a Vietnamese American girl heads out into the forest in search of inner peace. She connects with the forest creatures and eventually finds a path back home into the loving embrace of her two mothers.

Ages: 4-7 years

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One Family

Title: One Family
By: George Shannon
Published: 2015

In this story that introduces numbered groups from one to ten, we realize that families can be many things.

Ages: 4-8

JPicture Shann.G

The Great Big Book of Families

Title: The Great Big Book of Families
By: Mary Hoffman
Published: 2011

An illustrated overview of families, examining various aspects of families from houses to holidays to schools and pets, and discussing feelings and family.

Ages: 4-7 years

x306.85 Hoffm.M

Heather Has Two Mommies

Title: Heather Has Two Mommies
By: Lesléa Newman
Published: 2015

Heather's favorite number is two. She has two arms, two legs, and two pets. And she also has two mommies. When Heather goes to school for the first time, someone asks her about her daddy, but Heather doesn't have a daddy. Then something interesting happens. When Heather and her classmates all draw pictures of their families, not one drawing is the same. It doesn't matter who makes up a family, the teacher says, because "the most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love one another.

Ages: 3-7 years

JPicture Newma.L

Plenty of Hugs

Title: Plenty of Hugs
By: Fran Manushkin
Published: 2020

Illustrations and gently rhyming text follow two mothers and their toddler on a sunny day.

Ages: 2-5 years

JPicture Manus.F

Tell me again about the night I was born

Title: Tell me again about the night I was born
By: Jamie Lee Curtis
Published: 1958

A young girl asks her parents to tell her again the cherished family story of her birth and adoption.

Ages: 1-6

JPicture Curti.J

Families, Famlies, Families

Title: Families, Famlies, Families
By: Suzanne Lang
Published: 2015

A story presented as a series of framed portraits features animals in dozens of combinations that represent and celebrate all kinds of non-traditional families.

Ages: 3-7 years

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Mi Casa is my Home

Title: Mi Casa is my Home
By: Laurenne Sala
Published: 2021

Bienvenidos a Lucia's home. Lucia lives in her casa with her big, loud, beautiful familia, and she's going to show you around!

Ages: 3-7 years

Spanish JPicture Sala.L (in our Children's World Language section)

Hairs = Pelitos

Title: Hairs = Pelitos
By: Sandra Cisneros
Published: 1994

A child describes how each person in the family has hair that looks and acts different, Papa's like a broom, Kiki's like fur, and Mama's with the smell of warm bread.

Ages: 5-8 years

Spanish JPicture Cisne.S (in our Children's World Language section)

The Heart of Mi Familia

Title: The Heart of Mi Familia
By: Carrie Lara
Published: 2020

A girl describes her visits to her grandma's house and her abuela's house, and how both sides of the family come together to celebrate her younger brother's birthday.

Ages: 4-8 years

JPicture Lara.C

Love, Penelope

Title: Love, Penelope
By: Joanne Rocklin
Published: 2018

Fifth-grader Penny writes a series of letters to her future sibling, including facts about their Oakland, California, home, questions about whether their moms will ever marry, and especially that he or she is loved.

Ages: 9-13 years

J Rockl.J

The misadventures of the family Fletcher

Title: The misadventures of the family Fletcher
By: Dana Alison Levy
Published: 2014

Relates the adventures of a family with two fathers, four adopted boys, and a variety of pets as they make their way through a school year, kindergarten through sixth grade, and deal with a grumpy new neighbor.

Ages: 6-11 years

J Levy.D

 A bear called Paddington

Title: A bear called Paddington
By: Michael Bond
Published: 2014

A very small bear found by Mr. and Mrs. Brown at Paddington Station becomes one of the family.

Ages: 6-8 years

J Bond.M

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