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The A.I. who loved me

Title: The A.I. who loved me
By: Alyssa Cole
Published: 2019

Trinity Jordan leads a quiet, normal life: working from home for the Hive, a multifunctional government research center, and recovering from the incident that sent her into a tailspin. But the life she's trying to rebuild is plagued by mishaps when her neighbor's super sexy and super strange nephew, moves in and turns things upside down. Described by our group member as "creepy and funny," with lots of food for thought!

Siren queen

Title: Siren queen
By: Nghi Vo
Published: 2022

Luli Wei is beautiful, talented, and desperate to be a star. Coming of age in pre-Code Hollywood, she knows how dangerous the movie business is and how limited the roles are for a Chinese American girl from Hungarian Hill—but she doesn't care. She'd rather play a monster than a maid. But in Luli's world, the worst monsters in Hollywood are not the ones on screen. Described by our group member as "perfect for fans of Turner Classic Movies!"

Sea of Tranquility

Title: Sea of Tranquility
By: Emily St. John Mandel
Published: 2022

The award-winning, best-selling author of Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel returns with a novel of art, time, love, and plague that takes the reader from an island off Vancouver in 1912 to a dark colony of the moon three hundred years later, unfurling a story of humanity across centuries and planets. This one was recommended by multiple members of the book group as a complex and intricate read.

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