Ramadan Mubarak! Books about the Muslim Holiday


My First Ramadan

Title: My First Ramadan
By: Karen Katz
Published: 2007

A boy observes the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with his family. Picture Book for young listeners 2 - 5 years old

Call Number: x297.362 Katz.K

My Grandma and Me

Title: My Grandma and Me
By: Mina Javaherbin
Published: 2019

Whether it is down the hall to visit their friends or to the mosque during Ramadan or on a flight of fancy on a rocket ship, Mina and her grandmother are never far apart. This autobiographical story is at once deeply personal and genuinely universal. 4 - 8 years

Call Number: JPicture Javah.M

Night of the New Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story

Title: Night of the New Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story
By: Hena Khan
Published: 2008

Yasmeen has a wonderful time celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with her family and friends. 4 - 8 years

Call Number: JPicture Khan.H

The Gift of Ramadan

Title: The Gift of Ramadan
By: Rabiah York Lumbard
Published: 2019

Sophia tries to fast for Ramadan for the first time, but her grumbling stomach and her little brother's cookies are too much and she must find a different way to celebrate. 4 - 8 years

Call Number: J Picture Lumba.A

Under the Ramadan Moon

Title: Under the Ramadan Moon
By: Sylvia Whitman
Published: 2008

An introduction to Ramadan, one of the most special months of the Islamic year, when Muslims pray, fast, and help those in need. Whitman's lyrical story, with luminous illustrations by Sue Williams, serves as an ideal introduction to Ramadan. 4- 8 years

Call Number: J 297.362 WHI (Glenview and other libraries)

Ramadan Moon

Title: Ramadan Moon
By: Na'ima Bint Robert
Published: 2009

A description of the celebration of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan with its concluding celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr from the perspective of children and their family. Nonfiction Picture Book. 4 - 7 years.

Call Number: x297.362 Rober.N

Drummer Girl

Title: Drummer Girl
By: Hiba Masood
Published: 2016

Year after year, in the blessed month of Ramadan, little Najma has happily arisen to the drum beat of her neighborhood's musaharati. He walks through the streets of her small Turkish village, waking each family for the pre-dawn meal before the long day of fasting. Najma wants nothing more than to be a musaharati herself one day, but no girl has ever taken on the role before. Will she have what it takes to be the drummer girl of her dreams? Ages 4 - 12

Call Number: E MASOOD, H. (Palatine Library)

Ramadan and Id-ul-Fitr

Title: Ramadan and Id-ul-Fitr
By: Nancy Dickman
Published: 2011

Learn what happens during Ramadan and why ʻĪd al-Fiṭr is celebrated today. This is a very simple book on the festivals. Suitable for preschoolers. Plus brilliant photos. Also available in Spanish as Ramadan y el Eid Al-Fitr. Ages 4 -6 years

Call Number: x297.362 Dickm.N

Moon Watchers:  Shirin’s Ramadan Miracle

Title: Moon Watchers: Shirin’s Ramadan Miracle
By: Reza Jalali
Published: 2010

Nine-year-old Shirin wants to join her family and other Muslims in fasting for Ramadan but is told she is too young, and so she seeks other ways to participate including, perhaps, getting along better with her older brother, Ali. 6 - 8 years.

Call Number: J Picture Jalal.R

 Lailah’s Lunchbox

Title: Lailah’s Lunchbox
By: Reem Faruqi
Published: 2015

Now that she is ten, Lailah is delighted that she can fast during the month of Ramadan like her family and her friends in Abu Dhabi, but finding a way to explain to her teacher and classmates in Atlanta is a challenge until she gets some good advice from the librarian, Mrs. Carman. 6-8 years.

Call Number: J Picture Faruq.R

Sadiq and the Ramadan Gift

Title: Sadiq and the Ramadan Gift
By: Siman Nuurali
Published: 2021

It's Ramadan! In the spirit of the season, Sadiq and his friends want to give back to their community. The friends band together to raise money to build a new school for children in Somalia. They decide to put on a community iftar as a fund-raiser, but not everyone agrees where their efforts should be spent. Can they find a way to work together? Beginning Chapter Book. 6 - 8 years.

Call Number: J Chapter Nuura.S

Magid Fasts for Ramadan

Title: Magid Fasts for Ramadan
By: Mary Matthews
Published: 1996

Magid, an eight-year-old Muslim boy in Cairo, is determined to celebrate Ramadan by fasting, despite the opposition of family members who feel that he is not yet old enough to fast. Beginning Chapter Book. Ages 6- 8 and up.

Call Number: J Chapter Matth.M

Badir and the Beaver

Title: Badir and the Beaver
By: Shannon Stewart
Published: 2019

It's Ramadan, and Badir and his brother, Anis, are out for a walk one evening while they wait for their iftar meal. In the park Badir sees a rat. A very, very large rat. He soon learns it's actually a beaver, an animal that doesn't live in Tunisia, the country Badir has emigrated from. Some of the neighbors think this beaver is a pest, but Badir thinks it's wonderful and learns everything he can about the iconic Canadian animal. Easier Middle Grade Novel, for young chapter book readers, 6-8 years.
Call Number: J Stewa.S

Amina's Voice

Title: Amina's Voice
By: Hena Khan
Published: 2017

A sweet, middle grade story of a Pakistani-American girl, Amina, who is trying to overcome her insecurities about being in the spotlight, being a good friend, and finding the right balance between her roots and the American life. This makes for a nice read during Ramadan, and is especially relevant in today's times. Middle Grade Novel for ages 8-12.

Call Number: J Khan.H

For more excellent Middle Grade fiction featuring Muslim characters (while not necessarily mentioning Ramadan), check out this list. https://readingmiddlegrade.com/middle-grade-books-with-muslim-characters/

Ramadan, the Holy Month of Fasting

Title: Ramadan, the Holy Month of Fasting
By: Ausma Zehanat Khan
Published: 2018

Part of the nonfiction Orca Origins series for middle readers. Illustrated with color photographs, this book examines the origins and traditions of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Nonfiction, with in-depth information appropriate for older kids and adults. Ages 8 - 15 years

Call Number: x297.362 Khan.A

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