Things That Go Bump In The Night

"Pick 3" Booklist

Mexican Gothic

Title: Mexican Gothic
By: Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Published: 2020

A novel inspired by gothic classics that is wonderfully creepy, smart, edgy, and terrifying.

Night of the Mannequins

Title: Night of the Mannequins
By: Stephen Graham Jones
Published: 2020

Bringing a mannequin into a theater is just some harmless fun, right? Wrong.

Nothing but Blackened Teeth

Title: Nothing but Blackened Teeth
By: Cassandra Khaw
Published: 2021

A hair-raising novella, full of twists, tells the story of friends reuniting for a wedding celebration in a Heian- era mansion. There's only one problem; the mansion is haunted by the ghost of a bride buried alive along with the remains of girls sacrificed to keep her company.

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