Undocumented Stories

"Pick 3" Booklist

We Are Here to Stay: voices of undocumented young adults

Title: We Are Here to Stay: voices of undocumented young adults
By: Susan Kuklin
Published: 2019

Meet nine courageous young adults who have lived in the United States with a secret for much of their lives: they are not U.S. citizens...All have heartbreaking and hopeful stories about leaving their homelands and starting a new life in America. And all are weary of living in the shadows.

The Undocumented Americans

Title: The Undocumented Americans
By: Karla Dornejo Villaviccencio
Published: 2020

Traveling across the country, journalist Karla Cornejo Villavicencio risked arrest at every turn to report the extraordinary stories of her fellow undocumented Americans. Her subjects have every reason to be wary around reporters, but Cornejo Villavicencio has unmatched access to their stories. Her work culminates in a stunning, essential read for our times.

Children of the Land

Title: Children of the Land
By: Marcelo Hernandez Castillo
Published: 2020

With beauty, grace, and honesty, Castillo recounts his and his family's encounters with a system that treats them as criminals for seeking safe, simple lives.

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