Name That Text Type!: What Is Poetry?

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Name That Text Type!: What Is Poetry?

Title: Name That Text Type!: What Is Poetry?
By: Trudi Strain Trueit
Published: 2014

Hello, April! National Poetry Month has arrived! Time to brush up on or learn for the first time what poetry is, what poems can be about (hint: anything you want!), where we can find them, and what the guidelines are for writing different types of poems (like concrete, limerick, haiku, acrostic and more)! Learn what stressed syllables are (hint: they aren’t anxious), the difference between rhythm and rhyme, and metaphor and simile!

Check it out on Hoopla here. It’s a Bonus Borrow, and won’t count as one of your 4 monthly borrows!

Then engage with Ms. Sally’s Family Poetry Jam activities! We’d love to see the poems you come up with!


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