Poet Profiles: Chris Green

May 9, 2016

What an exciting time to be a booklover in Evanston!  The 2nd Annual Evanston Literary Festival is currently in full swing, and from now until May 14th, you can celebrate Evanston’s vibrant literary community at more than 50 free events produced jointly by the Evanston Public Library, Bookends & Beginnings, Northwestern University, and the Chicago […]

On This Date: John Keats Publishes His First Poem

May 5, 2016

Another National Poetry Month might be in the books, but here at EPL we’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more poetry!  So if you’re like us and April was merely an appetizer for your poetry hunger, you might enjoy feasting on this historic tidbit:  on May 5th exactly 200 years ago, the […]

Goodbye, National Poetry Month!

April 30, 2016

Time sure flies when you’re having fun.  It’s hard to believe another National Poetry Month is already drawing to a close, but for one last hurrah, don’t miss this great mini-film adaptation of Laura Kasischke’s poem “This Is Not a Fairytale.”  You can also hear her read on Wednesday, May 11th as part of the […]

National Poetry Month: April 30th

April 30, 2016

Piano and Scene by David Berman A child needs to know the point of the holiday. His aunt is saying grace over a decaffeinated coffee and her daughter is reading a Russian novel whose 45 chapters are set on 45 consecutive Valentine’s Days. Grandpa is telling the kids fairy tales from Pennsylvania’s pretzel-making region and […]

National Poetry Month: April 29th

April 29, 2016

A System of Cells by D.W. In a Bluetooth beginning, android search discovery mode pre e-verse minds app connection handheld night n’ snap-chat rays data speed download gratification micro-cosmos in a virtual wave and the mega-gigabyte saw it was good. keywords of antibiotic meditation earth@ cloud storage heaven.com Z.app, dropped signal, to wireless hell and […]

Poet Profiles: Reginald Gibbons

April 28, 2016

Our National Poetry Month celebration has reached a fever pitch, but before we make our last call and flip on the bright lights, we want to introduce one more special guest to our poetry party.  As you well know, Evanston is home to some seriously talented poets, and it is our pleasure to highlight their […]

National Poetry Month: April 28th

April 28, 2016

Happy As The Day Is Long by James Tate I take the long walk up the staircase to my secret room. Today’s big news: they found Amelia Earhart’s shoe, size 9. 1992: Charlie Christian is bebopping at Minton’s in 1941. Today, the Presidential primaries have failed us once again. We’ll look for our excitement elsewhere, […]

National Poetry Month: April 27th

April 27, 2016

First Lesson by Philip Booth Lie back, daughter, let your head be tipped back in the cup of my hand. Gently, and I will hold you. Spread your arms wide, lie out on the stream and look high at the gulls. A dead- man’s-float is face down. You will dive and swim soon enough where […]

National Poetry Month: April 26th

April 26, 2016

Having Intended to Merely Pick on an Oil Company, the Poem Goes Awry by Bob Hicok Never before have I so resembled British Petroleum. They–it?–are concerned about the environment. I–it?–am concerned about the environment. They–him?–convey their concern through commercials, in which a man talks softly about the importance of the Earth. I–doodad?–convey my concern through poems, […]

National Poetry Month: April 25th

April 25, 2016

Later History by David Rivard No, it isn’t so bad being the tail end of a life form, & even when it is over for good, when the rivers slow to a stop and we are eradicated from this planet with its hierarchies of golden wasp, conqueror, & clerk, it still won’t be over. Our […]