From London with Love

March 20, 2010

Spring has officially arrived, and if you choose to believe the hype, love is in the air.  Truth be told, however, the springtime air is also filled with pollen, mold, bees, and countless other love-inhibiting allergens and insects.  So, if you’d rather not trust your love connection to a seasonal weather change, allow me to […]

The Dude Meets the Bard

January 22, 2010

For some they are delicious literary treats akin to the chocolate and peanut buttery combo that made Reese’s famous.  For others they are as unappealing as a handful of nuts and gum.  Whatever your reading tastes, however, it is impossible to deny the raging popularity of “literary mash-ups” and their novel pairing of novels in titles such as […]

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