Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids 2020: Easy Books and Early Chapter Books

November 6, 2020

Easy and Early Chapter Books

29. Albert Hopper, Science Hero by John Himmelman.

Join intrepid science explorer Albert Hopper and his equally fearless (sorta) niece and nephew as they drill down to the center of the Earth! Science facts merge with wacky adventures. Fun for all! Call Number: J Himme.J


30. All the Dear Little Animals by Ulf Nilsson, ill. Eva Eriksson, translated by Julia Marshall.

When Esther finds a dead bumblebee, she joins her friend and her little brother Puttie in becoming the neighborhood funeral directors for a day. A funny, strangely touching look at the lighter side of death. Call Number: J Nilss.U


31. A Bear Named Bjorn by Delphine Perret, translated by Antony Shugaar.

Six small stories tell the tale of a bear and his friends. Fans of Winnie-the-Pooh will find much to love in this charming collection. Call Number: JChapter Perre.D


32. The Best of Iggy by Annie Barrows, ill. Sam Ricks.

“Iggy is the hero of this book because he’s the one who does the things in it. All the things he does (in this book) are bad. Every last one of them.” Intrigued? Then find out just what Iggy did. Call Number: JChapter Barro.A

Read the ebook or listen to the e-audiobook on Overdrive here.


33. Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business by Lyla Lee, ill. Dung Ho.

Being the new kid is hard enough, but what happens when people make fun of your food? Enterprising Mindy Kim has a solution, and it might just get her a friend in the process. Call Number: JChapter Lee.L


34. See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog by David LaRochelle, ill. Mike Wohnoutka.

In this easy book charmer, a much put upon dog must contend with simple narration that clearly wishes him ill. Call Number: JEasy Laroc.D

35. Stella Endicott and the Anything-Is-Possible Poem by Kate DiCamillo, ill. Chris Van Dusen.

Stella likes school and she does not like know-it-all Horace Broom. But when she and Horace accidentally end up locked in a closet in the pitch black, the solution to their problem lies in friendship. Call Number: JChapter Dicam.K


36. Ty’s Travels: All Aboard! by Kelly Starling Lyons, ill. Nina Mata.

“Woo-woo!” All aboard the Ty express! When no one in his family will play with him, Ty makes his own fun and soon everyone’s getting involved. Call Number: JBegin Lyons.K


37. What About Worms? by Ryan T. Higgins.

Tigers may be big and brave, but they do have one fear: WORMS! So what happens when the worms decide that Tiger’s a wonderful guy? Call Number: JPicture Wille.M


You can find the full 101 Great Books for Kids 2020 list here.


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