Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids 2020: Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, and Religious Tales

November 6, 2020

Folktales, Fairy Tales, and Religious Tales


23. Chia and the Fox Man: An Alaskan Dena’ina Fable adapted by Barbara J. Atwater and Ethan J. Atwater, ill. Mindy Dwyer.

Orphaned Chia does a fox a great wrong by stealing its axe. Will he do what’s right or reject his elders’ teachings? Call Number: JPicture Atwat.B


24. The Fabled Life of Aesop by Ian Lendler, ill. Pamela Zagarenski.

Born a slave, young Aesop learned early on that by using his gift of storytelling he could dispense wisdom and outwit oppression at the same time. Contains twelve of Aesop’s folktales. Call Number: xBiog Aesop Lendl.I


25. The Feathered Serpent and the Five Suns: A Mesoamerican Creation Myth by Duncan Tonatiuh.


When the gods of Mesoamerica fail to create human creatures, they give the sacred bones of creation to the lord of the underworld. Only Quetzalcóatl, the Feathered Serpent, is brave enough to take back the bones and try again. Call Number: x398.208972 Tonat.D


26. The Secret of the Tattered Shoes by Jackie Morris, ill. Ehsan Abdollahi.

A weary soldier encounters a castle with a mystery. The king needs to know why his daughters’ shoes are tattered and torn every night. But is the answer worth dying for? Call Number: x398.20943 Morri.J


27. Tales of the Feathered Serpent: Rise of the Halfling King by David Bowles, ill. Charlene Bowles.

Sayam’s just your average half-human boy in this Mayan tale. When he pops out of an egg and is raised by a kind witch, he has no idea he’ll soon be challenging a tyrant for his throne. Call Number: JGraphic Bowle.D


28. Three Billy Goats Buenos by Susan Middleton Elya, ill. Miguel Ordóñez.

A beautiful blend of Spanish and English retells the classic story of three plump little cabritos and the hungry gigante that wants to munch them up. Call Number: JPicture Elya.S


You can find the full 101 Great Books for Kids 2020 list here.


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