Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids 2022: Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, and Religious Tales

October 21, 2022

Fairytales, Folktales, and Religious Tales

  1. Carrimebac: The Town That Walked by David Barclay Moore, ill. John Holyfield

When old Rootilla Redgums and her grandson Julius Jefferson walked into Walkerton, Georgia, no one was ready for their wisdom and magic. And when the Black people in town are threatened by a hooded mob, these two will move heaven and earth to save the day. A marvelous original folktale. Call Number: JPicture Moore.D

  1. Endlessly Ever After: Pick Your Path to Countless Fairy Tale Endings by Laurel Snyder, ill. Dan Santat

Think you know your fairytales? How well would you do if you were actually in them? You’re Little Red Riding Hood and you’ve got to pick your adventures carefully. There’s more than evil wolves in these woods… Call Number: JPicture Snyde.L

  1. The Legend of Gravity: A Tall Basketball Tale by Charly Palmer

Let us bend your ear with the story of Gravity, a kid so good at defying centripetal forces that his feats are legendary. This is one of those legends. Call Number: JPicture Palme.C

  1. The Legend of the Spirit Serpent by Adaiah Sanford, ill. Ken Daley

No one but the leader of the tribe can ever visit the Spirit Serpent. If you try, you’re sure to get eaten, but Natari is just too darn curious. A retelling of a traditional Kalinago legend from the island of Dominica. Call Number: x398.2097298 Sanfo.A

  1. The Real Dada Mother Goose: A Treasury of Complete Nonsense by Jon Scieszka, ill. Julia Rothman

Master funnyman Jon Scieszka reworks classic nursery rhymes in ways that use everything from pig latin to secret codes. A rolicking reworking that’ll have you rolling in the aisles. Call Number: x398.3 Scies.J

  1. The Three Billy Goats Gruff retold by Mac Barnett, ill. Jon Klassen

The classic tale of three hungry goats and an even hungrier troll is told with flair and humor. Get ready to laugh out loud with this hilarious new interpretation. Call Number: x398.2 Barne.M  


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