Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids 2021: Easy Books and Early Chapter Books

October 18, 2021

Easy and Early Chapter Books

29. Burt the Beetle Doesn’t Bite by Ashley Spires

Burt’s just your average ten-lined june beetle so there’s not too much that’s interesting about him. Yet even the most average bug can be a hero if it uses what it’s got. And what Burt has… are hugs. JEasy Spire.A

30. Can You Whistle, Johanna? by Ulf Stark, ill. Anna Höglund, translated by Julia Marshall 

Need a grandfather? Why not hop over to the retirement home to pick one out for yourself? A remarkably sweet story, funny and moving by turns. JChapter Stark.U

31. J.D. and the Great Barber Battle by J. Dillard, ill. Akeem S. Roberts

What would you do if your mom gave you the worst haircut of your life? J.D. turns a personal tragedy into a thriving business when he picks up some clippers and taps into his true talent. That is, until someone tries to shut him down… JChapter Dilla.J

32. Jop and Blip Wanna Know: Can You Hear a Penguin Fart on Mars and Other Excellent Questions by Jim Benton

Just because a question is silly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask it. Join two intrepid robots as they give strangely straightforward answers to some seriously silly queries. JChapter Bento.J

33. Jojo Makoons: The Used-To-Be-Best-Friend by Dawn Quigley, ill. Tara Audibert

What do you do when your best friend doesn’t want to sit with you at lunch anymore? Meet Jojo Makoons, an Ojibwe seven-year-old just trying to navigate school and her own kooky inclinations. JChapter Quigl.D

34. Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey by Erin Entrada Kelly

Introvert Marisol loves her family, best friend, silent movies and cats. But she worries a LOT about things, like learning how to climb the backyard tree. Will she ever learn to rise above her fears? JChapter Kelly.E

35. Too Small Tola by Atinuke, ill. Onyinye Iwu

Tola lives in an apartment in Lagos, Nigeria with her Grandmommy, brother, and sister. Smaller than everyone, Tola soon learns that it isn’t size that makes you mighty, and tiny isn’t bad. JChapter Atinuke

36. Tag Team and Training Day (El Toro and Friends) by Raúl the Third, colors by Elaine Bay

The wrestlers from the hilarious Vamos books star in their very own easy reader spinoffs, mixing Spanish with English words and serving up a lot of hilarious action. JEasy Raul

37. We Have a Play Date by Frank W. Dormer

Three friends must navigate playground equipment and the addition of a fourth friend in this hilarious series of misunderstandings and hijinks. JEasy Dorme.F

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